Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lots of Energy = 2 Years Old!

If we could just harness his energy, we would have enough to power the country... This little man is always on the go with those chubby cheeks and adoring smile, he is a charmer for sure.

Ah, two year-olds...I've writting on my blog many times about those percocious little people who love to keep ya running. I always try to let parents know that they aren't alone, especially since I have my own 2 year-old to always chase around.

SO, when coming in for your 2 year-old photo shoot:

1.)Stay calm, nothing will go as you envisioned it.
2.) Please realized that I've likely seen it all, no worries!
3.) Watch them have fun and I'll try my best to capture the true joy of being two!
4.) Go home and have a drink. LOL...

If you would like to try again, no problem! A reshoot is always an option! My job is to make sure that you get exactly what you want.
Meantime, enjoy the all goes so fast. You'll always have these pictures to remember how silly it all was!

Doggie Cupid

Duke is the first pup that has ever gone through the CBP Baby Plan - hysterical! I love photographing this dog...he is simply adorable!

Besides Valentines' Day, it was also time for Duke's 6 months photo shoot. He performed like a champ, well, nothing that a little doggie treat couldn't help with either! We also now know how many little crevices a pup can get into in my studio...who knew?

What's cookin' Good lookin'?

Special collage

BIG Baby Boy

Ah...childhood, so many memories. It's the silly things you remember like, who you walked to school with...who was your first crush and who shared your birthday...birthday, I remember who that was! Good 'ol Facebook strikes again with a gal that I went to grammar school with for years. We had a special bond - we had the same birthday and we always remembered that silly fact. So, when I saw that she had a baby, I was so excited for her!

When I met baby Lucas, I had a complete flashback to my first son. He is a BIG BOY and I laughed hysterically when I took this picture...

He just has this look like, "Are you kidding me? I'm way too old for this...really..." Too cute!

Not wanting to miss one pic, mom opted to have a collage made, which is a really great idea!

Welcome to the CBP Baby Plan Lucas, see you next month!

There's a New Sheriff in Town

Look out - baby Angelo is here! He's gonna be just like Daddy and take-out the bad guys with his charm and cutie smile!

What a little snuggle bug he small and adorable.

Keep checking back for picutres of Angelo as he grows...he is the next baby to join the CBP Baby Plan!
I can't wait to watch him grow!

Mom and Dad are so happy and it shows...Angelo is so truly lucky.

Andrew Valentine

Last year, I didn't photograph Valentine's creeped up on me too fast after the Christmas season. This year I thought, let me get it, I did, and am so thankful that some little angels came my way.

This little man is the cutest cupid simply hurts my heart to look at his pictures! Little Andrew, the second baby in the CBP Baby Plan, came by for a quick Valentine shoot, which of course, mom and I went crazy with. We love to get Andrew to do so many things, mainly because he is too cute not to!

Look at him...
OH, my heart!
I am truly dreading when he turns one...then I won't get to see him as often and I'll miss him too much!

Kayla's Big Beautiful Dress

High school seemed so long ago, but, Facebook always helps to remind me how far we've all come. I am so excited to get messages from old friends saying, "Hi, remember me? Would you take my child's picture?"
To me it means that are they trusting me to capture this very special moment for them, and to that I am honored.

It's also so cool to see an old friend and then see how much their babe looks like them! So adorable! Suc is the case of little Kayla, who was such a joy to photograph.

Her christening dress was just so beautiful - I had to make sure to pan way back to capture the beauty of it all. How truly lovely.

Mom opted for thank you cards as well, which is always easier for busy moms and dads (take a look in the "creations" gallery on the webpage).

Hope to see Kayla and mom again soon! So much fun to photograph!