Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Bigger by the Day!

Guess who decided to leave Mommy's belly early? Andrew, that's who! By three months, he looks like a petite little newborn, but is growing fast! He'll have a little catching up to do, but, until then, we are going to enjoy how small and adorable he truly is!

The Camera Loves Me!

There is nothing easier for a photographer than a child who LOVES the camera. That was this little charmer who made my job as easy as birthday cake! She was sweet, full of smiles and had no problem putting on any prop or following any direction asked. Loved the shots we got in the garden together!

New Age, New Hair!

Look back through my blogs to see that our little long-haired babe became an official BIG boy with his first official haircut for his 2nd birthday. (I know it was traumatic, Mom!) A garden shoot was all he needed to keep those legs and arms busy in play as I followed him and snapped-away. Such a BIG BOY NOW!

Luna the Diva

So, we always chatted about her new pup when getting my haircut and highlights. I've heard adorable stories of this little diva dog and couldn't help but offer my services to capture this little angel in a photo. So, the date was set and in she ran...exploring the studio and smothering me with kisses; she was pure happiness! When we could calm her down enough to sit still and stop playing & having fun, I snapped-away as quickly as possible! Come on, you can't help but smile from ear to ear!

Dreaming of diamonds and bones...
Pet lovers are always welcome in the studio to photograph your babe!

9 Months Old

Here he is again! 9 Months and getting BIG fast! Even I was amazed to look back and see how much little Noah has grown. A true joy to photograph and so snuggly to cuddle with! I can't wait for his 1 year shoot so that I can create a collage and book for him. PLUS - he will be the first babe to complete the CB Photography Baby First Year Photography Plan! Yeah! You will all see him on upcoming promotional material for sure! LOL. TOO CUTE!

The "B" Babes in the Garden

These are my life-long models! So cute and cuddly, the gardens were the perfect place to take her 3 year-old photos as well as update old pics on mom's wall. Above are a few from our session together...see you in a few months "B" babes...likely when Aunt Cher needs photos for promotional materials!