Monday, June 30, 2008


My friend's sister gave birth to her first baby boy! I was very honored and excited to take their newborn pictures...I know I always say honored, but there are so many places that people can go to get portraits taken. I always feel honored that people like my pictures and trust that I will capture this very special moment for them.

This little man was just TOO CUTE! He had a great disposition (his belly was full - always a good idea when bringing in a newborn) and he was smiling away! So, I snapped away!

He was simply a to watch the babies grow - can't wait to see him in three months!

Baby on the Way!

A chance meeting at the park while our kids played and I had the opportunity to meet this lovely family! Expecting her second, she wanted to capture that special family shot of her hubby, son and her belly!

Though that cutie patooti boy refused to come in front the camera for a good 25 minutes, we finally convinced him that he was just too cute not to...

Patience is a virtue! Once he was in front the camera, there was no stopping him!

I'm so happy that we were at the park together that day! Now, I can't wait to meet their baby - coming soon! Good Luck "D" family!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Do you know how difficult it is to take pictures of child...when they are hanging on your leg? LOL. My son, Jonathan, doesn't see me as the photographer lady but, as Mama, who needs to snuggle him always. Thus, my intentions of heading off to the studio to take photos for Father's Day were more difficult than I had originally thought.

I found myself shoving him off my leg and into the lights just long enough to snap the shots needed to create mousepads, mugs, golf towels and framed portraits for all the special dads in my life.

Whew...I was winded when we were done...I should have brought back-up...foolish Cher.

Pups in the Park

It was a beautiful day at Verona Park where I met Lexi, Bronx and their mom, Shan. These pups are simply adorable and so well behaved! The simple toss of a ball or munch of a Cheerio and we got them to look just as we wanted...simply adorable!

Don't forget - Park Portraiture or Garden Portraits are always available and sometimes make the perfect picture!

Hope to see these pups again for their Christmas Shots! Too Cute! I just love animals...