Saturday, April 4, 2009

Andrew's Nine Month

Nine Months Old?
Already? It's True?
A Year is Almost Over
Oh, what am I to do?

This is Andrew's Month 9 on the CBP Baby Plan. One Year is next! WOW!

Andrew's Easter

Little Man Andrew.
What can I say?
Wish I could photograph you every day
So cute and cuddly, won't you be mine?
I could take your picture all of the time!

Chloe's Easter

I haven't seen this little lady since she was about 2 months old with her christening dress on. Nonna saw that egg portrait and knew that she had to put Chloe in it! Good job Nonna - she is TOO CUTE!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Introducing: Cali!

Another Baby Girl! Yea! This little lady was so cute, that I actually had visions of her throughout the day with her pudgy little cheeks and beautiful face. I'm so excited that she has joined the CBP Baby Plan because now I get to see her every 3 months and watch her grow.

There's that flower again! Love it!

Adrianna's 3 Month

Girls, girls, girls! Last year I was bombarded with Boys...which was no problem because I could use all the stuff from my own boys as props (my son still says...hey mom, that was our rocking horse / truck / hat - have enough stuff at home...LOL!).

Now, Girls! So, I went out and about looking for girl props. I knew exactly what I wanted and just couldn't find it until, Viola!

The cutest little boutique in Little Falls had just what I needed for little Adrianna and her other baby girl friends. Thanks Lisa! Love it!

This is Adrianna's 3 month shoot in the CBP Baby Plan.

Dom is Five Already?!

It feels like I just took his fourth birthday pics and here we are, a year later! This is all so new to me being that I have been in business now for two years +, but, I get SO EXCITED to see these kids grow and mature right in my camera lens.

I had to think of some new birthday ideas for Big Kids...this is what I came up with!

Too cool, man.


That's right, I said thrice! When they came for holiday shots, they happen to mumble that they were expecting triplets. MUMBLE? Whah! I was so excited for them. So, when mom gave me a call about getting all these pictures done ASAP - I hurried to schedule it. NOTE: MOM GAVE BIRTH TO THREE HEALTHY BABES 2 DAYS AFTER THIS SHOOT! AH!
Welcome James, Albert Jr. and Elizabeth!
Talk about character? This little man has got it! He's also got an exciting few weeks ahead of him! Besides turning four, he is celebrating Easter AND expecting 3 siblings VERY SOON! WOW! (just look at the note above!)

Had a theme for your kid's birthday? Just let me know and I can easily add it to your personalized thank you!

Hysterical. Truly!

Alberto's Big Brother Easter

So, the next week, they came back to the studio for some Easter Portraits! Alberto is such a good big brother and a GREAT help around the studio. He was eager to clean and tidy up for me at every chance. I will have to have him often when things get a bit messy. LOL...he is a character!

ACTOR: Anthony Guarino

Watch shows on T.V.? You may have seen this handsome young man. Keep a look out as he is always out and about on casting calls...don't know him? You do now! Anthony Guarino!

Devin is Three!

Gotta love three year olds! They are more mature than those silly two's but still love to have fun! This little guy was a great listener and posed like a little model. Happy Birthday Devin!

Devin and his brother are too cute!

Woodland Park - here they come!

Come on Woodland Park - these are your ladies for the Woodland Park Board of Education. They have great changes planned and the votes are still coming in. It was a pleasure to meet them and was excited to hear of their plans for the future. Good luck ladies!

Headshots are quick, simple and can be emailed or delivered by CD.

Alberto is a BIG BROTHER!

Baby Grace is here! She looks just like big brother and loved being snuggled and cuddled. Just don't move her or else! LOL. Typical newborn - loved the warm heater, the blankets and her snuggly feather nest.
Can't decide which pictures to choose? How about a personalized collage?

My NEW prop - My ADORABLE model.

So, I saw this prop and HAD to have it for Easter. I searched and searched for just the right one with a price tag that would not bankrupt me.

Now, I have to advertise it. But, who? when? where? how? I need a little person with a happy personality to show how much fun this prop will be! I know - JOHN JOHN!

My friend's sister's kid is the cutest little man alive. I haven't taken a bad picture of him yet because it simply isn't possible. He smiles almost always and has such a happy demeanor -

One word: ADORABLE!

We took some other Easter photos as well!

Thanks John John for being the best model around!

Lila's First Birthday

I was honored when a friend from the neighborhood asked me to take pics of her little lady for her first birthday! She has a beeming personality (just like mom) and keeps ya laughing (just like mom). It was quick, simple and fun - the best shoot you could have!

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 for me to create your very own personalized Thank You's. Just let me know what photo you like best and the wording you prefer and viola!

Bye Bye!