Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Blue Eyes - 6 Months

I can't believe how quickly this little munchkin has grown! I have had the pleasure of photographing him in his mama's belly, at 3 weeks, at 3 months and now at 6 months. It is so wonderful to watch him grow from photo to photo! I'll be sure to post his growth on here when he returns for his 9 month and 1 year! YEAH!

I am IN LOVE with his eyes - not to mention his adorable, snuggly personality. I better get ready for his 9 month visit as he was already crawling at high speeds! I have a feeling he may be running by then! HA!
Take a look at these baby blues:

Watcha cookin' good lookin'?Ah...ya gotta love 6 month pics - TOO CUTE! It is my favorite age.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Finally - it's something!

Over and over again, we planned to take his pics. Plans fell though, illnesses came and went and days went by. So, on a recent walk to the park, my friend asked me to bring the camera along to capture her babe in play. Though I hate to shoot in broad daylight (too many shadows), I snapped away like a mad-woman and I think he secretly loved it! I had a blast!

He is such a cutie - we WILL get him in the studio SOON! Can't wait!

Christening Cutie!

This little angel is only 11 weeks old and has the sweetest disposition. Squeaking, rattles and animal noises later, we got this little bobbin to hold her head up just long enough to get the cutest shots! She was a trooper and let me take her pics for a long time. Hope she comes back soon, can't wait to get those eyes in my camera lense again! Like a little deer.

A MUCH NEEDED Break...the Carolinas

Well, it was about that time for the hubby and I to take a nice little vacation...somehow we thought that cramming our two boys in the car and driving 10 hours south would be a good idea. Besides the fact that we left the night that my little one developed a 104 fever and got side-swiped by a drunk driver 200 feet from our destination in Wilmington, NC, the trip was nothing short of a disaster.
Well, we tried to make the best of it and by the fifth day, we relaxed. We left for home on the sixth day. ARGH. I did manage to get some good shots - thought I would share them with you.

A little friend we found outside of my in-laws...

Kiss me, my love!
My two beach boys

Nico & Matt - Double Trouble!

I couldn't wait to get my cousin's kids in the studio. These two are a spirited bunch with enough energy to light a city. Mom planned the shoot out early enough to cover Dad's birthday and Father's Day. They are just TOO CUTE!

Dressing up like Dad for Father's Day is a MUST HAVE for Dad! Stay tuned for my seasonal promo! Get Daddy's work clothes together and give me a ring! It's a memory that will last forever...