Sunday, May 31, 2009


Can it be? Please don't say so!
One whole year, and now you must go?
I can't see you every three months and watch you grow
Please oh please, don't say it's so!
Congratulations Andrew! You are the second baby to complete the CBP Baby Plan, first year in pictures. Now, Mommy and Daddy get to choose your scrapbook full of pics or a musical DVD slideshow. Also, you will get a personalized collage of your first year and it's all compliments of mommy and daddy joining the plan 12 months ago! YEA!

Just like Daddy...

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with you, little man. I know that I will be seeing you again very soon, but, will truly miss our 3 month dates.
Hugs and Kisses Little Prince!

Victoria is 3 Months!

Someone is getting more beautiful by the day! Remember little angel Victoria? (if not, scroll below!) Well, here she is at three months. Still as darling as ever, she did very well looking at Mommy and Daddy and sometimes even smiling for the camera! Good job little angel!

Senior: Joey

I met Joey at my little cousin's eighth birthday party years ago...he is a boy that you can never forget. Full of energy and positivity, this young man has a bright future ahead of him. When he heard that I was starting to take senior portraits, he planned WAY ahead to book a date for our session. His excitement was contagious and we had a great time in the studio and on location out and about...
Senior Shoots are always exciting. To really capture a teen's personality and presence is important for creating memories as they move-on to true adulthood.
Good Luck Joey - we had a blast!
ps- need you to babysit this weekend. (I'm probably not kidding, either). LOL

It's Christening Time!

Congratulations on your Christening little Victoria! You looked as beautiful as ever!
She really liked her dress and talked to us about it! Goo Goo, ga ga!

What a Family!

It's all in the family, no matter what species you are! What a well behaved pup to pose with her family for pictures that they will never forget!
How long have you been putting-off your family portrait?
These are memories that you can capture forever...don't let time slip by!

What a great family to work with!

It's Communion Time

It's that time of year and you know what that means: Handsome young men making their first communion!
This is such a special time, what better gift to give your relatives that portraits of your special little loved one looking their best...

Cousin's First Birthday!

How lucky are these munchkin cousins to be born a month apart and have mommies that are sisters! They will be lifelong friends and will likely be just as close as brother and sister!

Has it been 3 months already?

Remember this little muchkin? Look at him now! Growing and growing, it will be so much fun to watch as he is simply charming and adorable!

Angelo, you are so lucky...

Another New Baby Girl!

Baby Girls Galore! It's funny how things just come together...I was at a scrapbooking party last year when I see this pregnant Mama and I think, "I know her!" It has been 20 years since grammar school, but, there was my ol' schoolmate and here is her new babe! I was so happy to take her photos - she is too cute!
Welcome to the CBP Baby Plan!

A New Little Beauty

Look at this new little angel...welcome to the world and welcome to the CBP Baby Plan! This is another baby you can watch grow in pictures, right here in our blog! She is a snuggly little cutie!

Easter is for Family!

All of the cousins together, what a great holiday it will be!
This crew was full of energy and silliness galore!
Brother and Sister - so cute!
Welcoming a new sister to the family at Easter time.

Lucas is 3 Months!

WOW! Someone is getting BIGGER! This little man has grown much in 3 months and is as strong as a bull! He had no problem holding his head up, pushing with his tootsies and almost rolling over. He's gonna give Mama a run for her money!

We popped in some Easter pics as well!

See you in 3 months!