Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Garden Twins

Here they are - those cutie patooti twins out together in the garden! They always bring such a big smile to my face - not only because they are so opposite but, to watch them interact with each other is just so interesting and at times, hysterical.

My favorite moment from this shoot was when she fed her brother with a spoon and ever-so-gently wiped his lips so as to not have any drips (mind you, this was make-believe food...) Just too cute! Look at that maternal instinct in her eyes...yes, she has a great mommy to thank!

Don't they just hurt your heart...AWW!

The Pilot

His dreams of becoming a pilot could only be captured on this very special day to commemorate his 5th birthday. This flyman was all smiles and ready to say "take off!" I guess it helped that I've taken his picture before and that his baby brother is one of my best customers! So, he's an old pro!

He is such a little day I know we'll see him high up in the sky!

p.s. - if your child has a special interest, please let me know and I'll make sure I have the props to make him / her excited to take pictures with them!


Though I don't normally do event photography, when their scheduled photographer cancelled, I couldn't pass-up the chance to help-out. I also wanted to meet other karate enthusiasts and was curious to see what style they used.

What a great group of people! A very warm and inviting group that truly seemed like one happy karate family. Kingdom Karate has many locations and trains many different age groups. It was their 11th Annual Summer Gala at the Bethwood in Totowa. They put on a hysterical fashion show (the crowd loved it), an exhibition (too cool!), handed out trophies and rewards, and later, took time to take portraits to commemorate the night. It was a true pleasure and lots of fun!

Great group of people - here's to another great year of punches, kicks and blocks!