Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Baby Beauty

Seven months old and growing, this baby girl is a petite little bundle of energy. She will be sure to go, go, go whenever she gets her first chance. What a great little personality, she is!

Cali is Growing!

It's been three months and this little Strawberry Shortcake is growing up fast! She was quite serious and inquisitive this time around but, we managed to get a few smiles out of her, especially when we reminded her of how beautiful she was!


So, every year, my friend's daughters have a dance recital. "You should take our pics, it would be great!" Hmmm...sure! It WAS great - the kids and parents were sweet and kind. The school seems like a relaxing and fun place to learn how to express yourself through dance. I had a great time and look forward to taking more dance photos in the future!

Here are just a few of the cute!

Thanks, Dance Arts!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Garden Tea Party!

The first of the year! The gardens are in full bloom and we finally squeeked out a day with no rain! The girls had much fun, especially older sister, who loved to serve the tea. Oh, sisterly love!
Cutie Pie!

So cute! We had fun in the gardens!

Cousins are So Much Fun!

It's so funny to watch these two cousins, who visit the studio every couple of months. One is a true California boy, who travels across country with mom for visits with family. The other is a little east coast man.
Always full of energy, these two are always on the go. If you're not quick enough, the moment is gone. It's always a quick moving shoot with much fun and smiles.

Gotta love those cutie cousins!

Frankie is ONE!

This little looker is every photographer's dream. Adorable with a GREAT personality, little Frankie was always looking in the camera, always smiling and could likely be a little model.

What a great looking family!

Oh, little Frankie, you are pure joy!

3 Months Later, Little Lady

Someone is growing, and FAST! Still petite and adorable, Kaitlyn was full of smiles and coos. I make sure to take the same exact photos every 3 months so that you can watch your baby grow! It's so neat!

Filling out the basket a little more every couple of months. Let's see what 6 months brings!

Daddy's Little Ol' Time Golfer

So, in about 15 years, turn on your local sports station and I guarentee that you will see this little man competing with the likes of a little over 1, Jack starting swinging his first golf club and hasn't stopped since. Daddy takes him out on a real golf course now, and he isn't even 3 yet! For a special Father's Day surprise, Mommy arranged a secret photo shoot...shhh!

Lucas is 6 Months!

Moving right along in the CBP Baby Plan is this little man. WOW, he's growing fast. He looks SO different from 3 months ago. His hair appears lighter, he is chubbier and happier than ever. What a little cutie patooti! Are you really gonna cook me? Really?

Mom gets this same collage every's a great her entire collection will match!
See you in 3 months, Lucas!

Look Who's Three!

Cody is coming for photos? The same Cody who REFUSED to take photos for Christmas? The one who is scared of the camera?

Okay, I'm ready...we'll go nice and slow...nice and...oh...wait...what's this? Cody is ready for pictures immediately? AND with smiles? Could it be because of all of the JOHN DEERE tractors? Click, click, click and viola!

You gotta love kids and their emotional stages. Cody is a big boy now and there is no reason that the CBP studio should scare him's a fun place with all of his favorite toys!
We even got a chance to go outside with big brother for some pond shots.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!
Personalized John Deere Thank You's (whatever theme you want!)

Alessandra is One!

It's someone's birthday! A very special, adorable little girl who I couldn't wait to photograph! I've watched her grow over the past few months and she still cracks me up. Smart as a whip, loves her food and was almost walking for this shoot.

Happy First Birthday angel girl!

A Gift for Daddy!

Years ago, at my godson's baptism, I saw these adorable little boys and remember commenting to my friend, "Those kids are gorgeous!" So, years later, I get a call from a Mom saying that she wants to take photos of she and her boys for Father's Day as a gift to Daddy. I meet them, take their pics (total cuties) and then later, show my friend the pics. She says, "Those are the boys!" "Whah?" I say. "The boys you thought were gorgeous!"
NO WONDER! I couldn't help but show my friend these pics because these boys, and their mom, are such a breath-takingly beautiful family. So well behaving and handsome, it was a pleasure to photograph them.

I hope Dad liked his Father's Day present!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Can it be? Please don't say so!
One whole year, and now you must go?
I can't see you every three months and watch you grow
Please oh please, don't say it's so!
Congratulations Andrew! You are the second baby to complete the CBP Baby Plan, first year in pictures. Now, Mommy and Daddy get to choose your scrapbook full of pics or a musical DVD slideshow. Also, you will get a personalized collage of your first year and it's all compliments of mommy and daddy joining the plan 12 months ago! YEA!

Just like Daddy...

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with you, little man. I know that I will be seeing you again very soon, but, will truly miss our 3 month dates.
Hugs and Kisses Little Prince!

Victoria is 3 Months!

Someone is getting more beautiful by the day! Remember little angel Victoria? (if not, scroll below!) Well, here she is at three months. Still as darling as ever, she did very well looking at Mommy and Daddy and sometimes even smiling for the camera! Good job little angel!

Senior: Joey

I met Joey at my little cousin's eighth birthday party years ago...he is a boy that you can never forget. Full of energy and positivity, this young man has a bright future ahead of him. When he heard that I was starting to take senior portraits, he planned WAY ahead to book a date for our session. His excitement was contagious and we had a great time in the studio and on location out and about...
Senior Shoots are always exciting. To really capture a teen's personality and presence is important for creating memories as they move-on to true adulthood.
Good Luck Joey - we had a blast!
ps- need you to babysit this weekend. (I'm probably not kidding, either). LOL