Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Graduate! Happy Birthday!

Another graduate of the CBP Baby Plan! Little Victoria came in as a little patooti and now, before our very eyes, has grown up into a little lady with quite a little personality to boot!
So excited to watch all of her phases from newborn, to emerging smiles, to sitting up, to very shy, to little miss happy smiles!
Happy Birthday, little angel girl!

AW - the not-so-happy-Valentine!

VERY rarely does it happen that a little patooti simply doesn't want pictures taken that day. I've seen all sorts of kids, from the easily distracted to the very shy.
This little lady just wasn't in the mood. We waited her out but, she just didn't like those lights or that lady behind the big black round thing. A few pictures are all we could take of this little Valentine right before she becomes a BIG sister...then she'll really know what it will be like to hear crying...AH!

Hope to see you soon with your new baby! I know those smiles will come out soon!

Little Mister Cutie

Is loving all of these new babes joining the CBP Baby Plan! Sometimes they join at newborn and sometimes later. It's never too late!

This little man is 6 months old - the perfect age to see that little personality shining through!
He was PURE joy to photograph! Can't wait to see him in 3 months! LOVE to watch the changes!

ONE is the number!

The really neat thing about starting this business has been all of the new people you get the meet. A friend of a friend of a friend and a phone call later landed this little cutie in the studio for her first year portraits. Mom has a blog as well with a lot of informative and fun information on it. She was even kind enough to write a little ditty about her experience in the studio. Thanks Brandee! It was my pleasure!

Want to see? Just Ask Brandee!

One Years Old!

Very serious and focussed, I haven't seen this little birthday girl in about 6 months. She looked so mature in her adorable polka-dot dress... Like a little model...she knew where to look and why...
Good job Little Birthday Girl! We'll get more smiles from you the next time! Until then, keep being Miss Diva!

Little Bear

It's been 3 months already as this Little Bear keeps coming for his visits on the CBP Baby Plan. So cute and snuggly, you could just eat him up!
Look at this little cutie!
How cute is he?!!

Two is Too Funny...

So, I have to laugh after every 2 year shoot. It always seems to go the same: Two year-old comes in. Two year-old seems curious. Two year-old starts to play. Two year-old is unfocused. Two-year old's parent tries to get them to focus. I blow whistles. I fall down. I have a puppet. Two-year old could care less. Two year-old is on a mission not to look at the camera.
NO WORRIES. This is the TYPICAL two year-old shoot. Any vision that you had as a mom of this perfect picture is usually pretty hard to get during this year.
My number 2 prop is the most beat-up of all my numbers! LOL! Gee, I wonder why! TWO is the answer! So much fun, I just chase them around and catch them being themselves! Fun, footloose and fancy-free! Woot Woot, Go TWO!

A new little Patooti

Yes, I know, I use the word a lot: Patooti. But, I just can't help it! Sometimes, I just look at a babe and think, "Now, isn't that just the cutest little Patooti?" (Hey, it could be worse...)

Anyhoo, look at this little lady! Mom is excited to introduce pink after two blues - what a change! Truly a new little angel to dote on!
I always like to capture the feet and other little parts at a newborn'll see, they grow so fast that you won't remember how small those footsies were! Viola!

Mr. Charmer

Happy Valentine's Day from this little Charmer Man. Full of smiles and such a good boy, he posed like a little model with ease and flair.
Mom is an avid scrapbooker and has already made cards, pages and posts on Facebook. She rocked this whole photo session! Can't wait for future shoots to see how she can enhance the pictures of her little man some more!

What a little Charmer!

B is for Ben!

This little cup o' love is growin' like a weed! Always full of smiles, Ben has always been a spirited little man.

Gotta LOVE 6 months old. It is THE BEST age...clearly!

Little Miss Lady

Look at this Little Miss! Isn't this outfit ADORABLE?! Want it??! No problem! Click here:
Located in Little Falls, this little boutique on Main Street has all you need! In fact, if you purchase your communion dress there, you will receive a free 8X10" from your photo session with CB Photography!
She is SO CUTE! Like a little doll...see you in a few months, Little Miss!

Mr. Handsome Pup

Need portraits of your "child?" Bring him in! Look at this little man. He was quite impressive. Very stylish, he very easily walked in and out of his own attire without even an upturn of his snout. His mom is opening a storefront for dog grooming in Nutley very soon! Keep a look-out and I'll be sure to post the information as soon as I know! Just look at her work!

Ready for the office...
He was an absolute delight! Come back anytime, little cutie!
Good luck, Mom! I foresee great success!

Brothers and Sister Forever

Siblings are so much fun, especially when you can catch them not trying to kill each other. LOL! This energetic crew came in and made me laugh right from the start. Teasing, tickling, arguing; I welcome it all - my goal is to capture what they are all about. Most of all, you can see that there is much love!
Siblings forever!

My boyfriend is all grown up!

Dear Angelo, I will miss your little smiles, your "looks at me" out of the corner of your eye, your hugs and kisses but, mostly your flirts...LOL! LOVED watching this little man grow and grow! Every couple of months, he would come in, cuter than ever, and flash me a little flirtatious look. He was always a ham for the camera and full of smiles.
LOVE this! So cool to see how much he has grown!

Can't wait to see my little boyfriend again soon. Thank you mom and dad for all that you have done to help CB Photography grow and grow. It is because of clients like you that I thank my lucky stars to have started a business where I can meet some of the best people in the world. You guys are AWESOME! Love ya!!

Adrianna is One!

Another babe graduating from the CBP Baby Plan. Sad for me! LOVE to watch them grow and for some reason, this little cutie patooti seemed to grow up so fast this past year!

What a great looking family!
After spending a whole year with a family, I actually miss them when they don't come as much to visit! Can't wait to see them for future milestones! (and, of course, there is always Facebook to keep me up to date.)
Thanks for a year of smiles, Adrianna! You were an absolute angel!