Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two is Too Funny...

So, I have to laugh after every 2 year shoot. It always seems to go the same: Two year-old comes in. Two year-old seems curious. Two year-old starts to play. Two year-old is unfocused. Two-year old's parent tries to get them to focus. I blow whistles. I fall down. I have a puppet. Two-year old could care less. Two year-old is on a mission not to look at the camera.
NO WORRIES. This is the TYPICAL two year-old shoot. Any vision that you had as a mom of this perfect picture is usually pretty hard to get during this year.
My number 2 prop is the most beat-up of all my numbers! LOL! Gee, I wonder why! TWO is the answer! So much fun, I just chase them around and catch them being themselves! Fun, footloose and fancy-free! Woot Woot, Go TWO!

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