Friday, January 30, 2009

It's all in the Family

Here they are, the "C" boyz! My favorite crew of boyz and, though their birthdays weren't that clumped together, looking back, it seemed like I just saw them yesterday...oh, they are getting so big and cuter than ever!

Speaking of bigger, here is a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Noah - the first baby to complete the CB Baby's First Year Photo Program! Yeah Noah! Isn't great to see how much he changed over the past 12 months?
Don't forget, signing up is EASY and makes a GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT!

  • $100 (includes 1/2 off all session fees for the year)
  • Personalized 5X15" collage at end of year
  • Personalized musical slideshow DVD of photos from first year in portraits

Too good to pass up! A decision you will never regret...your babe will only be this small once in their life.

The "C" Kids

How surreal it is to be walking down the hallways of highschool one day and taking pics of the kids of a girl you saw next to your locker the next. These kids are SO CUTE! Their personalities were hysterical to boot. Of course, big sis was calm and in control while little brother was annoyed that we kept trying to make him smile. Little sister kept telling me, "get the tewkies" or so it sounded. What she really wanted was cookies, which I always let the kids have (as long as mom and dad say it's okay!) once their shoot is done. What a better reward? Great job kids!

Congrats BIG Brother!

I love to take pictures of this little man and now he is an offical BIG BROTHER! This little darling entered the world just before Christmas and what a gift she is! Mom and Dad have started her on the CB Baby Plan so stay tuned for her portraits as she grows!

Who's a BIG Boy? just hurts my heart to look at him or his pictures. So cute, it's truly painful. He's like chocolate to a sweet-tooth! 6 Months old and finally catching up in size and weight...well, almost! Stay tuned for his Valentine an 9 Month shoot - it's all going SO FAST! I wish he could stay small forever.

Facebook Friends

So, I finally joined Facebook (if you're on it, look up CB Photography!) I never understood the draw to it UNTIL I joined...WOW - friends come out of the woodwork...people I haven't seen or could even remember.
However, I remember Ed. He was in a lot of my classes in high school and was always such a nice guy (and they were truly rare). So, when he gave me a call, after seeing some of my work on Facebook, to tell me that he was getting married, I was so happy for him AND for her! It was so nice to meet his bride-to-be and we got a chance to have a quick photo session before the wedding later that day. It was so nice to see him again and watch their love for one another. Have a wonderful life together!

Baby Boy on the Way!

"Quick, water is going to break any minute!" AH! I usually tell moms to come in around 32-36 weeks so that their bellies are nice and round. I have to remember that with first-time moms, you never know what will happen. So, we rushed to get her in before anything unexpected happened...though she had plenty of time, it was good to know that they were complete just as her family would be in a few short weeks...Welcome Angelo!

A Present for Mom

Who doesn't know Kimmy and her family? If you're from Totowa, you will likely know this energetic and loving crew. I was honored when they asked me to photograph them as a gift for their mom for her birthday. Looking at all the people involved, I don't know how we did it, but, we did! The kids were adorable, the parents hysterical and I hope that we can take more photos in the future...too much fun!

For Mom

Sometimes we forget that even though we grow up and start families of our own, we will always be someone's baby. These three siblings wanted to give mom a perfect gift this holiday season, a portrait that they haven't taken together in years. I thought this was a great idea...made me want to go find my brother immediately and snap a pic of us together as well.
Hope she liked it!

the "F"amily - So Much Fun!

Scrapbooking is another tool that I use to let-out some of my creative energy and create something for my kids to have for years to come. You meet a lot of people on "scrappin'" get-togethers. Beth is one of happy that she asked me to take her family's portrait.
Her family truly reflects what kind of mother she as well as what kind of father she married for her children. So well-rounded, cordial and just plain fun...we had a blast takin' pics and I especially loved trying to make them all wasn't that hard! By the end of the shoot, there were giggles galore!

A Chance Meeting at the P.O.

So, I'm mailing photos at the Post Office when I see a familiar face..."Hey, didn't I go to high school with you?" So excited to see an old friend from my HS days and thus, later came a phone call for a family shoot as a gift for grandma & grandpa - I was so excited! Their son was a hoot! Hesitant at first, he came around to show his true, sillyhead personality - he was so cute! Thanks guys! Can't wait to see you again soon!

This Little Flower is One!

This little angel is the cutest little thing you'll ever see. Weighing in at around 18 pounds, she is the most adorable one year-old ever! I couldn't resist but to make her the little flower that she is.

Love is in the Air!

Love is in the air! These newly engaged lovebirds got the best of both worlds...snuggles in the studio and out! On a brisk November afternoon, we took as many shots as we could to capture their affection for one another...they are just adorable - Good Luck on your life together - it will be a great success!

Cousins Forever

Way back in October, this family had a great idea of getting all of the cousins together for a photo shoot as a gift to grandma and grandpa. What a wonderful bunch of kids. Their lively and vivacious personalities made for a fun-filled photo shoot in the gardens. Just adorable!

Ha Ha...oldest cousin loved this photo op!

Christening Cutie

Every now and then I'll make a house call. In this case, all I had to do was walk down the street to my good friends' home to snap some pictures of her ADORABLE baby girl on her christening day. Her family is so warm and welcoming! Can't wait to get together again for pictures in the future.

It's been awhile - THANK YOU!

Whew! It's been a long while blogging and I finally feel like the rush of the holiday season has settled-down enough to regain my thoughts! I want to personally thank each and every one of the families and friends that came to see me this holiday season. My business has tripled from last year and I can only suspect that I may be even busier for the 2009 holiday season...this is all thanks to you!

You could have gone to so many other places and yet, you entrusted me with your holiday portraits & cards and I truly appreciate your patronage.

It was my pleasure to create these memories for you! I was so excited to see how big all of the children are getting as well as to plan future shoots!

So, THANK YOU for another successful holiday season with CB Photography! Can't wait for next year and to see you throughout the 2009 portrait season!

Here are just a few portraits from 2008's holiday season! Enjoy!