Friday, September 26, 2008

My Poogarella is All Grown Up!

When I was 16, a little angel came into my little cousin Alisa. I babysat her often and we would have long, deep discussions about life. One day, I ask her, what is your name? Being silly, she responded, "Pooga!" Well, ever since that day, I've called her Pooga - Poogarella.

Not a little girl anymore and a true beauty, I wanted to photograph her and see if the visions I had in my head about photographing seniors would transfer onto my screen. It was so odd photographing a teenager...I didn't have to chase her, make silly faces or sounds and she followed my every direction. Odd...I felt strange. LOL.

So Seniors - I'm ready for ya! Show your parents and I hope to see ya soon!

Katies Big Day!

SSSSSHHHHH! It's a surprise! I don't usually photograph events, but, when a good friend of my parent's was planning a surprise birthday party for his wife, I couldn't say no. They are the nicest people and I didn't want to miss-out on all of the fun! Happy Birthday Katie!

(That's my Daddy on the right)

(That's my Mommy on the left)

Great Party Guys! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

Little John-John's Big Day!

Today was the day! John-John was all decked-out in his naval christening suit and ready for the camera. This baby just makes you chuckle with his happy-go-lucky demeanor. Always ready with a smile, he is a photographer's dream! Keep grinning little man - you have much to be thankful for!How easy it is to create a simply thank you...all you have to do is address the envelopes and Viola! Why overwork yourself, let me do it for you!

Mom couldn't decide what picture she liked best so I created this collage for her. That should solve the problem! LOL!

If you are having a christening / communion at the Bethwood, don't hesitate to give me a call. I can likely pop over and snap some pictures of your babe and the guests won't even realize that you were gone. As easy as 1, 2, 3!

She's Here!

After taking pics of mom's belly a couple of months ago, I waited to hear...then I got the email - a baby girl! Yea! I had a feeling...Big brother couldn't wait to show me how he could hold and care for her just like mom and dad do. She is such a little cutie with a very agreeable temperment. What a blessed family!

One and a half pounds.

So, when I got the call from one of my pet moms telling me that she was getting a new "baby," I had NO IDEA that this baby was as small as small could be. At just 5 weeks old, little Duke only weighed one and a half pounds and simply makes your heart hurt just looking at him. IRRESISTABLE! Stay tuned as he grows - more pics to come in October! I can't wait!

Cutie Patooti!

This little cherub is full of energy and spirit as she frolicked through the gardens one August afternoon. Always on the go and eager to show Mom all, I followed her whereever she wanted to go. She is a true beauty; her eyes just tell you so!

the Picture-Perfect Family

A chance meeting on a walk to the park with my kids last year and a beautful woman and I became friends. She just moved-in down the street and to my delight she is friendly, kind and has a lovely family.
After the birth of her daughter, she wanted family portraits in the garden - it was my delight!

A Family Affair in the Gardens!

The beautiful "S" Girls...who could forget them?! Remember this "famous" CB Photography photo? Well, Mom brought them back with the whole family for this years summer birthday portraits. It was a lovely evening in the gardens for all the little girls with their grandma and godmom.

Yes, it's been awhile...

Okay, so it's been awhile since I posted! Many of you have asked me, "Where are your blogs?!" Well, between the start of my son's first pre-school experience, selling crud on Ebay to de-clutter my home, preparing for holiday shoots, working towards my black-belt, photographing and editing pictures as well as a TON of other stuff, the blogs had to take a back seat for awhile.

Now that I have a second to breathe (likely only just this second), I thought this might be a good time to catch-up before the start of the busy holiday season! Hope you ENJOY these upcoming blogs and be sure to take time to enjoy the world around you...I'm trying too! Whew!