Monday, March 24, 2008

My Godson - LOVE HIM!

Before I knew it, my little angel godson turned one! This is my only nephew and I couldn't wait to take his picture. As my brother and I sat behind the camera making faces and singing silly songs, I couldn't help but reminisce about all that my only sibling and I had been through together. Who would think that so many years later, we would be photographing his little angel? I just wanted to hug him and everybody! I am so proud of us and what we have achieved!

Okay...enough is the little Q T and the family!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sometimes Your Just Not in the Mood, Part 2!

It was time to visit that little man at his home and see if we could get him to focus just long enough to capture that special moment...

I have to say, though it is tough to lug all of my equipment around, I do miss making home visits. I always like to visit clients in their home - makes for a much more personal experience.

Anyway, this little guy is always full of energy and was so excited to show me around. We popped on his favorite video just long enough to sing some songs and have mom and dad tickle out those smiles!

Here are a few from the home shoot - what a great looking family! So much LOVE!

He was TOO CUTE! Gotta love the spirit of babes...

Someone is turning one!

I had the pleasure of taking this little man's Christmas pictures this winter and was pleased to see him back for his first birthday! He is such a Q T and a pleasure to photograph.

He was certainly easy to make laugh, thanks to silly Nana and Mommy doing dances and singing away! Yea for silly relatives!

I love this shot - will be up in the studio soon enough!

What a Q T Patooti!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The twins are back!

These little bobbins are two of my favorites! They each look like a miniature version of their parent and it makes me crack up! I've had the pleasure of taking many of their photos - in fact, they were my first "official" clients! Thanks for believing in me!

Here are some pics from their family / 2nd Birthday photo shoot...TOO CUTE!

Sometimes, you're just not in the mood!

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family through MySpace and was excited to take their family pics. However, their little man had another plan in mind! He was the cutest little guy who simply wanted to explore and have fun...on his terms!
How dare we (his parents and I) try to stop his new adventure to the CB Photography studio!

After a couple of walks and tries, he won and we packed it up!

I just want to tell all of the parents out there that THIS IS OKAY! I'm a very laid-back and relaxed kind of person - don't freak out - I have two of my own and really have no clue how they would behave at some unknown studio. This holds especially true for any child between the ages of 14-20 months - they're unpredictable and their favorite word is "NO!" Why should a trip to the photo studio be any different? LOL!

I offered this family a home shoot instead so that we can capture those special family moments in an environment that their son is comfortable in and will enjoy. It's all about comfort, fun and that one special moment.

Stay tuned for home shoot pics!