Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot Mama!

Look at this Hot Mama! Though she would never think it, we all know that not only is she gorgeous, but, she's glowing!

I didn't want to pressure her, but, I couldn't wait to get Kimmy and her belly in my studio. We kept it light and fun, but, mostly, we wanted to remember Enza when she and mom were one.

I can't wait to meet her!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sisters Forever...

Here they are; the BIG sisters! I always have a blast photographing the "G girls," especially since the oldest loves to direct me as to what angles and lighting would work best for the shot.

When she isn't "modeling" or when little sis' isn't actin' too silly, Mom and I can hold their attention just long enough to snap away!

It was raining out so, what a perfect time to take these shots!

Watch the baby grow - stay tuned for Christening pics!

Another One Year-Old Cutie!

Look at this little handsome devil! Though serious and observant, mom and I managed to squeeze a couple of smiles out of him just long enough to catch that special shot! He is TOO CUTE!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jakie is ONE!

This little man will likely be president one day. With a great demeanor and a love for the camera, I snapped away, once again, at little Jakie. Boy, has he grown, but his wonderful personality remains the same - a pure joy!

I have been waiting!

I couldn't wait for her to be born and I REALLY couldn't wait to take her photos! A long-time friend just gave birth to her third beautiful daughter. We have our vision, but, decided not to include the big sisters just yet. Instead, we focused our attention just on this little beauty for now. (Stayed tuned for the sister pics!)

Mom then decided to turn one of the photos into her Christening Invitation:

What a Mother's Day Gift!

Wouldn't it just melt your heart to know that your husband took the time to take your little man to a photographer to create a special gift just for you for Mother's Day? (It would melt mine!) This Daddy saw the pics of the "Police Brothers" and wanted to re-create this idea with his little officer.

Yet, this little officer wasn't going to budge...not one inch to put that uniform on. All we could get was the hat.

After, I convinced Dad to just hop in the pic with his son, we got some good shots of them together. I'm sure Mom will just love them!
Don't forget...from the ages of 14 months to about 25 months can be a no-go for a "parent's vision" of their perfect picture. These babes have a mind of their own and are running the show...we're in their power. Don't fret...your vision will come true soon; usually after the age of 3...LOL!

Mama & Logan, Part 2

Finally, we scheduled a session date! Logan's mom loved the pics from the park but, really wanted some studio shots as well. Our schedules worked; he had just woken from a nap and ate; the planets were aligned with Venus...this had to be it!
However, Logan had other plans on his mind! Changing outfits was NOT part of his plan...nor was taking out his pacifier...nor was letting go of his truck...LOL. As I always tell parents, don't freak...we'll work with it!

After a couple of walks and time-outs (for us, not him...LOL!) we snapped a few shots indoors and out (thank goodness it was sunny!) Mom was pleased...her perfect Mother's Day gift to herself.